CFD差价合约为复杂的金融工具,并且在杠杆作用下存在导致资金迅速损失的风险。 54%的零售投资者在该交易商进行CFD差价合约交易时出现账户亏损。 您应当考虑您是否完全理解CFD差价合约的原理,以及您是否能承受资金损失相关的高风险。

On-Demand Webinar:
How to Identify Trading Opportunities Using Valutrades Real-Time Signals

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In this webinar, we’ll explain what forex signals are and why they’re important, the different types of signals available, and how to use these signals to make better trading decisions. 

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  • How to use free forex signals to make informed trading decisions.
  • The difference between types of signals.
  • How to manage your notifications and different ways you can receive signals.

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Brad Alexander is an industry veteran who started trading the currency markets long before the advent of online trading. He owns FX Large Limited, which is dedicated to the provision of content for the forex industry; his clients include fintech companies, educators, and, of course, Valutrades. Brad is a self-confessed forex platform junkie who has worked with and created how-to content for most trading platforms, including MT4 and MT5.

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